The Next Wellness Trend Should Be Honesty

In 2021, the wellness industry increased its global market value to 4.4 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of zeroes. This money is funding new technologies, research, and products alike. But, if we’re honest, a lot of this new money is being pumped into trends of the moment—fad diets, too good to be true pills and potions, and convincing products with marginal benefits.

That isn’t to say that the wellness industry hasn’t produced anything unique and valuable, but rather that the most critical wellness technology or “hack” already exists. And, it’s free—our honesty.

Health and wellness must start with alarming honesty. Honesty about your current state, habits, beliefs, practices, strategies, environments, thoughts, and so on. Without this, improvement in any category will always be just out of reach. Unfortunately, many of these technologies and products have served as distractions from this prerequisite.

It’s easy to avoid the task with shiny, new, and “data-driven things” constantly appearing. It’s easy to avoid “the mirror.” You needn’t consider how well (or unwell) you’re sleeping if the band on your wrist tells you just as you can ignore the quality of a food’s twenty ingredients as long as it’s been branded with the proper “blank-friendly” label.

If you strip health and wellness of all the “extras,” you’ll find simplicity in the skeleton revealed. Honesty allows you to see everything for what it is. It presents the opportunity to declutter your spaces (both mental and physical) from unnecessary products, data, and disinformation. Simplicity also feeds the need for honesty as it requires you to focus on the pillars of wellness, disallowing you to major in the minors.

My simple suggestion for those who are tired of being seduced by the neverending influx of trends is to audit the following dimensions of wellness as it pertains to your life: physical, emotional, occupational, financial, social, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual. Remember, no app, product, or technology knows you better than you, as long as honesty is considered. Then, identify 1–2 ways to move the needle within each of these dimensions and commit.

Yes, it is that simple.



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